Photo Art by ABBA

This morning

the rain came in a shower

hitting the roof with heavy thuds;

yet my baby deep in her slumber

smiled and lost in a world of her own.

The sound of the rain,

a comforting strain,

like a blanket nestled my baby

such that for a while all was lost in its embrace…


in the garden,

the poppy like flowers of white and yellow

decided a day’s rest from their blooming

to welcome the rain

and to sway in the wind…

Of the two Kelat Paya that flanked the swing,

one in a mantle of green,

the other in patches of reddish brown tinge.

Like masts of ships braving a storm

searching for the distant shore

and calling out, “Land Ahoy!”

Across the road yonder

to the neighbor’s place,

the wife was tending to the rabbits in a cage;

a familiar scene of every morning

and today, the rain having a say

in the affairs of the day

decided to send gusts of wind to the cage

and sending the creatures scrambling to a corner safe

The taxi man came

with a sullen grin

and a muffled greeting,

And in the rain

we made our way,

and in silence

we nursed our hopes for the day

There’s many a story to tell

of mornings that have passed,

yet today was special

for it had not rained for a while

And as I pen this poem,

I am reminded of

the morning rains of years ago

in a tiny village where I grew

and the same magical spell!



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